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Spotlight : Veak Ceramics

Sarah Veak Denver, CO

"I always joke that my favorite thing to do as a child was to play in the mud, and so I decided to make a career of it!" Sarah says. With a messy braid that drapes across her shoulder, Veak looks like a modern-day Heidi. Makes sense, as she started getting into pottery with an all wood-firing apprenticeship in Upstate New York. "I learned to throw in high school but didn't pick it back up again until my senior year of college. As an art student, I needed 400 hours of an internship in order to graduate. I realized 400 hours was enough to learn a new art form, so I found a potter in upstate NY to intern with for a summer. I fell in love and the rest is history.”

The pottery wheel spins fast as Sarah carefully sculpts a bowl, pulling it from a shapeless lump of clay, pinching and smoothing the sides. “I fire once a month,” she says as she stops the wheel. “I can make like, 20-30 bowls in an hour. And then I trim, stamp, and decorate them.” Her small corner studio is sprinkled with tens of beautiful catch-alls, vases, and mugs. "I’ve pulled turquoise (the color) back in because because it’s becoming popular again."

On her inspiration and evolution: “I’m inspired by Lucy Rhee, a mid-century potter. I also am really drawn to lines [as you can see from her tattoo, a delicate band circling her forearm]. In the past year, I’ve tried to keep a clean aesthetic but still remain pretty rustic."

On her favorite thing to make: “I like making bottles, and bowls - I love making bowls. There’s a fluidity in bowls that you don’t get with more angular pieces.”

When asked where she sees herself in a year, she says she would love to expand. "I would like to be able to offer more of my products online, especially full dinnerware sets. In order to do that, though, this one man show has to grow! I realize that it takes a village to start a business. It has been a humbly and beautiful journey. I am ready to make it more of a communal experience - I would love to be able to teach classes, to both kids and adults. I am hoping that in the next year I’ll be moving towards having my own studio space and building my dream soda-gas kiln! I have a lot of dreams for Veak Ceramics. First up? Becoming Veak and Company! In my opinion, the joy of the craft is always better when shared with others."

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Written by: Niki Robins for Armitage & McMillan -

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