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Essential Raw Denim Breakdown : by RawrDenim

All of us at Armitage & McMillan rely almost exclusively on for all of our raw denim knowledge. Founder, Nick Coe, and Managing Editor, David Shuck, truly know their stuff. Every time I talk to them I learn something new. 

Their Essential Raw Denim 101 article breaks down everything you need to know about raw denim, including what it is and how it's made.

Here's a short excerpt of their 100th article, The Essential Raw Denim Breakdown, click over to to read the full article.


Also known as “dry denim” for its hard texture, according to Wikipedia, raw denim is “a denim fabric that is not washed after being dyed during its production”.  In our words though…

Raw denim is denim that has been unwashed, untreated, and virtually untouched to the extent that it remains in its pure form.

Despite raw denim jeans varying between manufacturers, aesthetically speaking there are some features shared – including the rigid, crisp look and feel; industrial, clean design; and sturdy construction.

Raw denim jeans are typically (but not always) produced with 100% cotton and can be sourced from a number of countries. 


They give a few reasons, all of which we totally agree with of course, but two reasons I stand behind most of all....

Raw denim is simply a better value. According to RawrDenim, "...think number of wears v.s. amount paid.  You might be able to get a pair of pre-washed denim jeans for $50, but what’s the shelf life on them?  It’s not uncommon for raw denim jeans to be able to withstand 1000+ wears before retirement." We have found this to be true for us personally, not as a shop but really as guys who wear the hell out of their denim.

And secondly, Personalization- they wear in to look the way you love your jeans to look. They become yours. You wear them in a way that the fades, rips, tears, whiskers and indigo contrast and markings become yours.



 Photos of the Noble Denim Earnest Slim Straight after 1 year and 0 washes.

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